Users notice a refinement of their silhouette

Users notice an improvement in the firmness of their skin

Users notice a decrease in the sensation of heavy legs

Users feel more relaxed

Users feel an improvement in their sleep quality

Users feel an improvement in their overall well-being


2.4 cm (up to 4.0 cm)
waist circumference


1.4 cm (up to 2.0 cm)
Thigh circumference


2.0 cm (up to 2.5 cm)
hip circumference

* Improved skin firmness
* Found on average after a course of 12 sessions over 1 month

** A clinical trial, or clinical study, or therapeutic trial, is a scientific study conducted in human medical therapy to evaluate the efficacy and tolerance of a diagnostic method or a treatment. The reliability of these studies is based on a rigorous and proven scientific method to limit any bias, any error in data collection or interpretation of results. Good Clinical Practice is an international standard for bioethics that applies to clinical trials in human subjects. They define the role and responsibilities of the various stakeholders (investigators, promoter, monitor, etc.) and describe in particular the content of a protocol and the list of essential research documents.